Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Exciting times...

So my love of fashion extends beyond a (sorely neglected) blog and reading a lot of magazines*... I actually want to do this full-time as a career, the whole works.  So I recently decided to give up my not entirely badly paid job and work for nothing for a while doing some internships.  

I haven't mentioned it on here before as my employers didn't know but I finally handed in my notice yesterday after weeks of thinking about it, and I couldn't be more excited!  I am finishing at the end of August to spend as much time as I can afford getting experience that will hopefully, one day, lead to a job.  I'm going to blog about my experiences along the way in a kind of journal... so goodness knows if anyone actually reads this thing but hell if you're interested, I'll be letting you know exactly what goes on during a fashion internship.  

Anyhoo... that was just a quick update.  I have been leaving this poor blog unattended in recent weeks due to seemingly being all over the place but there have been hundreds of things that have inspired me recently and I need to get some of it down.  

More soon.  

*I am moving house right now and have recycled a LOT of magazines.  Why do I keep weekly magazines?!  My monthlies like Vogue I can't bear to throw away, but weeklies?!  It's not right.