Wednesday, 9 June 2010


So just been doing my nightly round of all the fashion blogs and magazines and came across a bit about Anthropologie's new collection and I'm a little bit in love.  I've not been into their store on Regent Street yet even though it opened about a year ago, mainly because of my end-of-university induced financial state.  I knew they were a bit out of my price range at the time and didn't want to tempt myself... and having seen their new collection I know I would have been in trouble.  Take at look at some of my favourite pieces:

Photos: Anthropologie

I think the top one of these is beautiful, although I'd wait until autumn to wear it.  It's just so soft looking, like a little grey rain cloud.  And I love the rain (I'm English, I have to).

Photos: Anthropologie

I adore these two.  I adore them more for knowing that they are not something I would usually wear.  No matter how many times I try, and no matter how many nice looking clothes I buy, whenever I go shopping I always end up buying clothes that are black, grey, or white.  These are definitely a break from that... and a step towards my aim to buy more colourful clothes this summer... I failed miserably by buying a black maxi dress last weekend. 

Finally... there's THIS:

Photo: Anthropologie

This is just beautiful... the detailing on the bust is so intricate and it's quite an interesting neckline.  The only thing I'd be tempted to to is cut off that tiered piece at the bottom... or at least I would if the dress wasn't over £200. 

I've just noticed that I have typically chosen to talk just about dresses... another hint to my personal style.

I am heading off to Notting Hill this weekend for some vintage hunting... all these have left me feeling a little bit inspired to find something a bit different to what I would normally buy.  

Or maybe I'm just feeling inspired by this new wave of summer air...