Sunday, 2 May 2010

Happy Birthday Chopard

So just a quick post as it's quite late at night and I am actually at my boyfriend's house an sat upstairs being remarkably unsociable (everyone else is downstairs) but I was just doing a quick online shop and decided to check quickly and saw some pictures of Chopard's 150th birthday celebrations and had to comment.  Take a look at the article here and check out Gwyneth Paltrow's dress, it is just beautiful.  In case the link doesn't work, it's a long lace number by Antonio Berardi, and the lady herself also looks phenomenal.  Gorgeous hair, perfect make-up, and a body to die for.  It's quite unbelievable that she has had two children.

Incidentally though none of the other guests really set my world on fire with their outfit choices.  Kate Hudson disappointed me in particular with what looked like a grey silk sack... I nearly cried when I read it was by one of my all time loves, Lanvin.  Not one of your finest creations Mr Ebaz.  Kate's lazy accessorising didn't help her case either, just a (quite frankly fairly high-street looking) set of beads slung round her neck.  I suspect the necklace is Chopard and had been lent to her for the evening but it looked a bit weak and last-minute, and like a publicist had given it to her as she was abut to get out of the car.  Chopard had also kindly lent her some earrings which were far more beautiful but because Kate has such (gorgeous) thick hair, and she was wearing it down, they kind of got lost.  Big earrings need an up-do. 

Anyhoo, check out the pics at, I'm off to pretend to understand why boys find Match Of The Day exciting.