Thursday, 20 May 2010

Miss Moss

Hmmmm... so the fashion force that is Kate Moss released her twelfth Kate Moss for TopShop collection today.  (By the way I can't believe it's been twelve collections, I remember when the first one came out and it doesn't seem that long ago).  As with most of the other collections it has been met by mass hysteria from the media, because, you know, it's KATE MOSS. 

I know I already sound cynical, and I should probably try and correct that, but if I'm completely one hundred percent honest I AM cynical about these collections.  Now don't get me wrong, I do have some pieces from past collections, in particular I LOVE one light blue vest top I bought from that first collection, it sits perfectly and has a quirky detail on the neckline at the back.  But to me a lot of the pieces just don't quite justify the madness that surrounds their launch.  There always seems to be something lacking... for instance, take this shirt:

Photo: TopShop

So it's kind of cute I suppose, although they definitely should not have styled it with most of the buttons done up.  And ok, it might look nice with a pair of denim shorts and the sleeves rolled up, but I know for one this is not something I would automatically pick up if I saw it in a shop.  It's just a bit meh.  I know it's all about how you wear it and all that business, but my point here is there is a LOT of fuss made when a new Kate Moss collection comes out, and this kind of stuff just doesn't warrant it.  Nor does it warrant the £55 this shirt costs.  I could pick up something similar but more beautiful in a vintage store, and it'll have more character. 

My other problem is, that not only is some of this stuff a bit dull, but some of it is downright hideous.  My main culprit is this little number:

Photo: TopShop

This. Is. VILE.  I am not a fan of butterfly prints on clothing as it is, but this is just horrifically twee and I just cannot imagine how it made it into the final collection.  In all honesty to me it looks like something you'd get in those shops you see in London that have no name on the front and are filled with a lot of tacky clothes and a one hell of a lot of man-made fibers.  In fairness though, I feel this piece repulses me so much due to a combination of the cut and the print, because it's kimino-style friend here offends me far less:

Photo: TopShop

I don't mind this at all and in actual fact quite like it.  Although I simply cannot think of any occasion when I'd wear it.  Maybe my life just isn't quite exotic enough... I imagine it would do quite well with some sandals and a tan if I were on holiday in St Tropez, but given my financial status I don't think that holiday is coming any time soon.  Maybe I'll hold off buying this one. 

A couple of pieces I WOULD buy, are these:

Photos: TopShop

I realise they are both kiiiiiind of similar in a pale, lacy way, but I love the summery feel of the shirt and I love love LOVE the shape and structure of the jacket.  I really have to get out of the habit of buying white tops though... a vast majority of my wardrobe is either black, grey or white and just recently it's been driving me mad and I'm on a mission to change it.  But more about that another time. 

Finally, before I give this up and head to bed (I feel so old when 11 o'clock is a late night) I wanted to mention this jumpsuit:

Photo: TopShop

This is probably my favourite piece from the collection (except maybe this lace dress) but I know I could never wear it, which upsets me greatly.  Not only do I probably have even less occasion to wear this than the kimono, I am far too short and also just don't have the "look" to carry this off.  However, one of my friend has the most wonderful twenties kind of look to her and she's tall, so I will be living vicariously through her and forcing her to buy this, I even know she has the shoes to go with it!