Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Found: one cat, goes by the name of Miu Miu, last seen on the High Street, looking for one careful owner.

So having just posted about those little Miu Miu beauties last night, check out this piece on New York Magazine's website.

Zara is doing a rather familiar-looking cat print this season!  I have to say I am quite excited... and will be making a trip to my nearest Zara later in the week.  Even the style of the dress is spot-on Miu Miu, with the low neckline and the little collar.  Maybe a tad suspicious for the people at Miu Miu, but very happy days for my wallet. 

Looking forward to a bit of summer wardrobe shopping this weekend... it's been a long time coming but the sun is finally out here in London!