Tuesday, 23 February 2010

London Lovin'

My oh my... time just rushes by doesn't it?  I constantly feel bad that I am putting up nowhere near as much as I would like on this blog at the moment.  I just feel stupidly busy at the moment, my job keeps me busy during the day and then in the evenings and at weekends I seem to be out a lot either visiting friends or seeing my boyfriend.  There barely feels like time to sit down sometimes.  Although I can't really complain about having a social life, there are worse thing to happen.

One of the things that frustrates me though is that this is a fashion blog and so far this blogger has missed out on covering Paris couture week AND New York fashion week.  Even more shockingly, I only have one more day to cover London Fashion Week, so I better get to it.

London is, right now, my home town, and I love it.  Bit of a cliche maybe, but I genuinely do.  I came here when I started university just over 4 years ago and I can't imagine leaving for quite a while yet.  It's such a diverse place, and for me is THE fashion capital.  I love the different styles you get around the world, but to me there's nothing quite like British style and I think that that's an opinion that is held by many across the world.  It frustrates me sometimes when you hear people talk about London style and London Fashion Week in a kind of patronising way, like we're the little kid brother or sister of New York, Paris and Milan.  Even the British fashion press do it, like we're accepting the title, and we shouldn't.  We should stand proud and make ourselves known, much like the late Alexander McQueen did.  He was a man who was incredibly proud of his heritage and made London the focus of his internationally renowned label.  Much has been said about McQueen in the past two weeks, but I would like to say this: the man had a point.

So, here is a quick round up of some of my favourites from fashion week this season:

Gypsy florals and leather at Christopher Kane A/W '10

Gorgeous colours and digital prints at Erdem A/W '10 - I want this whole collection.

Mark Fast A/W '10 - I was a bit disappointed with the rest of this collection but these two are beautiful.

Matthew Williamson A/W '10 - Expect to see more on this collection in a post later on, I'm obsessed! 

There's a couple more collections I want to put up, but I shall do that at a later date but for now this post is a little picture-heavy!  

Last day of LFW tomorrow, hopefully I'll be blogging with first-hand experience next time it comes around... fingers crossed!